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Maternity | $585 | 40+ images

My goal during a maternity session is to document the beautiful stage of life-- both the amazing physical changes, and the anticipation of new life.  I shoot 1-2 hours before sunset in the Houston area and the whole family is welcome in the photos.  Underwater sessions are available for clients who have a pool.

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Newborn | $750 | 50+ images

I offer natural light in-home sessions that document every detail of the new family.  We get photos of the baby on its own as well as family pictures in your own environment.  I bring wraps and a simple basket, but keeps props to a minimum and try to simply show the warmth and connection of your first days together.  *$100 off when booked with a maternity session*

Ready to book? Book online or fill out a contact form!


Birth | $1050 | 60+ images

Birth stories are some of my favorite moments to document.  They are emotional, raw, and beautiful and I try to capture every feeling as your baby enters the world.  Birth sessions include active labor 

(pushing) and up to 45 minutes postpartum.  I do off-call coverage, meaning you can call me any time, but if I cannot attend due to another scheduled session, your deposit may go toward a fresh 48 session instead of paying the total for the birth.


Fresh 48 | $450 | 40+ images

Fresh 48 sessions are done in the hospital or birthing center within a day or two of the baby's birth. I capture the most tender photos of the brand new baby and family photos as well.  

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