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What to 

When and where do we shoot?

After booking, I send a guide where you can pick from my curated list of locations in the Houston area. I shoot 1-2 hours before sunset; the exact time depends on our location. The look of certain spots varies through the year so if you need a recommendation, just ask!  Newborn sessions are done in the client's home on weekday mornings, and any other session can be done at home as well if you prefer that to an outdoor location.

How does the session go?

If you're worried about wondering where to look and what to do with your hands, I'm here for you-- I direct you the entire time so you're never left guessing! Have rowdy kids?  Awesome-- my directions are designed to feel more like interactions, not specific rules to be followed. The best shots don't come from telling kids to sit still and smile; they happen when parents happily encourage play and interaction.  After the session, you can expect finished photos in less than 3 weeks (typically 1-2).

What should we wear?

A good wardrobe will be one that compliments your personality and environment, not one that restricts you.  I have wardrobe guides detailing what clothing photographs best for families, maternity, and newborns.

How can we ensure the best experience?

Great images aren't about designer clothing and perfectly behaved kids.  Any client who shows up ready to trust my creative ideas, even if it means getting a little messy or showing some PDA, will get the best experience out of me.  If you allow yourself to enjoy the process, it shows in the final images.  Being flexible on scheduling if the weather isn't working in our favor also ensures that you will have the best conditions possible.

All sessions come with full resolution digital images

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