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Wardrobe guide


Wardrobe is so important for successful family photos.  The right clothes not only elevate the look of your photos, but will make you comfortable and your session run more smoothly. Since I have a very interactive approach to photography, your clothes need to be comfortable enough for playing and snuggling with your family! 

When putting together outfits, try to co-ordinate, not match exactly.  Keep in mind the location you've chosen and try to choose something that will work well in the environment. I encourage people to wear neutral, deep, or earthy colors instead of bright or neon colors. The colors from your outfits should look like they would occur naturally where we shoot. Soft fabrics, textures, and layers all photograph well.  Stay away from stiff and restrictive clothing, especially on young kids. Suits and pristintely pressed fabrics should stay at the office, not at a photo session. Children should have soft fabrics that they can move and play in, and babies should have the simplest clothes of all so it doesn't visually overwhelm them.  

Lightweight clothing that allows fabric to flow and move photographs best.  Shoes should be comfortable enough to for a walk through nature! Casual shoes, leather shoes, and sandals all look good; try to stay away from athletic/running shoes or brightly colored children's shoes.

All of these photos have perfectly styled wardrobes.  Pay attention to the textures, colors, and pattern mixing and how they all elevate the feel of the image.  Above are dressy looks, below are casual jean looks.  Both are perfect.

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