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How good is Photoshop's new AI feature?

In case you're not up to date on all of Photoshop's new features, it now has a generative tool: it uses AI and stock photos to generate whatever you describe that you want in your images. It's pretty amazing and easy to use, but it's far from perfect-- let's see where its strengths and weaknesses are!

Strengths: Landscapes

Alright, guys... I am impressed. I was pretty blown away with how easy it was to add mountains, rocks, and cliffs in a few easy clicks. It even added an almost passable Eiffel Tower to one of my Paris pictures, which is saying a lot since it's such a geometric and recognizable landmark. (AI images first, followed by originals)

Strengths: Generic animals

Yes, this AI can even generate animals. It helps if it's a super common animal that doesn't have a face. It has its issues but if you want a fun little buddy in your photo, it's not half bad.

Weakness: Specific animals

I'm warning you. If you're trying to make an animal with a face, it's going to give you something from your nightmares. Especially if it's an animal we don't ACTUALLY have any photographs of (like dinosaurs). But if you're trying to create cursed images, be my guest.

So close, yet so far.

Weakness: Rainbows.

Don't even try.

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