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How to get photos like a model

This beautiful session was a model call (where photographers find a person to model and we just try out creative shots for fun). Model calls are often where I produce my best work. But here's the thing-- I don't use actual models; they're just normal people. There's nothing stopping a regular client from getting images like this. So what makes the pictures so much better?

  1. They follow wardrobe guidance. Not just "put on something pretty"-- I'm talking right down to the texture and colors and shoe choices. The people who model for photographers not only pick flattering clothing; they collaborate with their photographer to figure out exactly what is going to work with their environment to enhance the images.

  2. The most important part? They come in with no expectations. I totally understand that photos are a big investment and clients want certain things from them, but I am at my best creatively when I have zero limitations on what I'm supposed to produce. This couple was up for anything, including getting completely wet or lying down in the sand. They got the most creative pictures because they gave me the most creative freedom. If you want pics like this, just tell me you trust me and you're up for anything-- there's nothing more that I could ask for in a client!

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