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What is an underwater maternity session?

Underwater sessions are some of my favorite to shoot, but there are so many variables that people don't know about that go into making the session amazing! Here are some things to know before booking.

  1. Water clarity is key! I unfortunately don't have a pool of my own, so the client needs to provide an outdoor pool that has crystal clear water. Any sort of haze or murkiness will compromise the image quality!

  2. These aren't traditional portraits. It is extremely hard to pose underwater-- your eyes are closed, you're holding your breath, and I won't be able to communicate directions once you go under. The beauty of these shots is that they are about light and shape and movement-- not smiles and faces.

  3. They are almost always one-person sessions. I may be able to get a few shots with a partner (again, without focusing on faces or smiling) but I'm not able to do any sort of group photo. You'll understand once you realize how hard it is for just one person to get in position under the water!

Even with all this information, underwater sessions are some of the most stunning and creative shoots I get to do. Please reach out if you're interested!

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