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What to wear to a family session

Remember 10 years ago when everyone was wearing bootcut jeans, a yellow cardigan, and a chevron print scarf to family pictures? Thankfully those days are past! I'm not a photographer who loves giving their clients super specific directions on what to wear (I want your clothes to reflect YOU) I can highlight three important things.

  1. Color. Muted, earthy, and deep tones photograph so much better than bright neon colors!

  2. Texture and pattern. Small patterns are best and if your clothes have some sort of texture, it helps keep the photos interesting without being overwhelming!

  3. Comfort. As much as you want to look good, I also want you to be able to move! Make sure you can walk and sit comfortably in your clothes and that they aren't too restrictive. Also be sure the kids are comfortable so we don't have meltdowns!

This family nailed their styling, like always.

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