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When to take your newborn photos outdoors

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

While newborn photos are typically done indoors, many of my clients opt to do them outdoors! There are a few factors that go into this. If you don't think your home is the right setting, or it doesn't get much natural light, outdoor photos may be a better fit! The weather also needs to align. I normally schedule these after the baby is born, so we are looking for a window of warmer weather with a good forecast ( I wouldn't do them if it's below 60 degrees or more than 95-- but babies do love warm 80-90 degree weather!). The final factor is my schedule-- fall tends to fill up so fast that I may not have extra evenings available to schedule a newborn session outdoors, but in slower months like January, I have lots open. Luckily, the stars all aligned for this beautiful outdoor newborn session!

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